Artists Against Hunger

Lina Ogaily Sami – Lot 183
April 17, 2012

Artists Against Hunger

A non-profit initiative by Christie’s in collaboration with Contemporary Practices Art Journal in support of the UN World Food Programme

Ogaily, Lina: Ogaily is an Iraqi/British expressionist artist, currently living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Born and Raised in Kuwait, she had an early influence in art due to family ties with prominent Iraqi artists. Lina moved with her family to London, United Kingdom at the age of 15.

As soon as she was exposed to proper art education and training at high school she realized her artistic ambitions. She joined Chelsea College of Art where she obtained a BTECH in Art and Design and later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts of Interior Design from Kingston University.

Her early influences were more design related, but as the political situation in Iraq ended in turmoil, her painting
style evolved radically & became a lot more personal. Painting became a statement & a voice to express her thoughts, fears & dreams.

Her subject focused on Middle Eastern women’s plight in withstanding social pressures in their day-to-day life. She has always been fascinated with different painting techniques. She works mainly with acrylics, but also uses inks, oils & mixed media. Her artwork is known to be rich with colors & texture.

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