Discussion at Vilson Kilica Art Gallery

Ragip Sylaj
October 4, 2018
Article: Lina Ogaily and Abstraction of Memory
October 18, 2018

Discussion at Vilson Kilica Art Gallery

Her story, her paintings, herself! Such a true vision, and definitely an inspiration for all of us.

Student post

It was a great privilege for me to share my story and exhibition with the new generation of talented artists from Shkolla Artistike 'Jakov Xoxa' Fier who will undoubtedly help us shape a brighter future with their impressive passion, compassion and dedication. Thank you for entrusting me with inspiring these beautiful young souls. I wish them all a very successful future. Thank you Mirela Papuciu, Shkolla Artistike 'Jakov Xoxa' Fier and Artgallery Fier for organizing a wonderful morning of art appreciation and mutual inspiration with the delightful art students.

Thank you Mr Mayor Armando Subashi - Faqja Zyrtare for your kind words. Indeed values, experiences and passions are the best gifts we can pass on to the new generation.

Below is a link an article about the discussion (article is in Albanian).

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